What constitutes a dangerous airport? It depends. Physical and environmental factors like short runways, high altitudes or unpredictable weather weigh heavily. So do approach and departure paths close to densely populated areas. There are otherwise-safe airports that are smack in the middle of conflict zones. And some airports are just scary as hell to fly into or out of. Here, in no implied order, are ten of the most dangerous.

Gibraltar International


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Gibraltar is a crossroads of history, and that theme carries through to its airport, where more than 415,000 passengers flew in 2014. Planes using Gibraltar's sole 5500-foot runway (09/27) must cross the street—Winston Churchill Avenue, to be precise, the main road heading toward the land border with Spain. Winston Churchill intersects the runway and consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs. The stop signal at the intersection of 09/27 and Winston Churchill Ave is one you definitely don't want to disregard.