Making Money Without Working


We all know what’s the dream life – do nothing and get paid a lot. Well, it’s most likely not going to happen to anyone, but there is something you can do to make money even when you are not working.

We have all seen the paid comments and fake links on YouTube videos claiming that you can make thousands of dollars from home with no risk or work. They are simply not true. However, with the use of the Internet, there is a way to get your money making setup relatively easy. Here are seven ways to do so:

“The lack of money is the root of all evil.”Mark Twain

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Basically, hiring a middle man to do the work for you. You start by advertising a service like house cleaning, writing articles, babysitting, or even a creative service like web design. However, you don’t actually do any of those; you just hire people to do it for you. Your job would be to find clients and someone else will be there to make money for you.


We will separate this from the other blog/vlog entry on this list. Youtube is currently the most famous method of making money with famous YouTubers pulling in millions each year through monetization of their videos. But here’s the thing. You don’t have to be as big as PewDiePie to make reasonable amounts of money. Depending on your everyday life, it might even be both easy and fun to do this, especially if you manage to make a viral video. The best example of how a little bit of motivation can get you far is the channel named MrGear, which shows videos of a really hot knife going through everyday items. The videos are very simple, take very little editing, and the production costs are very low. And with millions of views per video, you can be sure that there is money to be made.

 Start a Blog

A lot of people believe that you need to be a terrific writer to start a successful blog. While it does help, it is not a necessity. You can write about virtually anything and incorporate your knowledge into it. Are you in your final year of law school? Teach people how to handle different situations in your field of expertise, show them how to write simple contracts, how to behave in court, maybe appeal a ticket. You can make a blog about gardening, clothing, makeup, fixing your car and many other subjects.

And here’s the thing. Once you have a substantial number of people reading your entries, you can begin making money from them. How? Mostly by advertising. You can rent out ad space on your blog and do full on written commercials for them. Or you can link their products into your texts and make money for every per click you bring in to your affiliates.

 Stock Photography

Making money via stock photography will not get you rich, but if you are already a good photographer, it is a good way to have a steady income while working on your portfolio. You can snap thousands of photos, get a lot of them approved and earn money every time someone downloads it. You can still make money with your day job and simply take some time every month, ask your friends to come over for a session and add to your stock portfolio. Who knows! Maybe some of those photos will become the best snaps you ever made.

 Website Flipping

If you don’t have the knack for getting good sponsors or don’t manage to become a successful affiliate, but you still get traffic, it would be the best to sell your website. And, if you find yourself in that business, you can always try to buy websites, improve them with your skills and sell them to someone willing to pay even more money.

 Sell Stuff

A lot of people start by selling their unwanted stuff on eBay or a similar website and then “grow” into creating or making things for sale. Eventually, they realize that they can start a business. Launch your own E-Com store online and start selling your product.

 P2P Lending

By using the Internet, anyone can become a lender today. Join one of the websites that offer this opportunity, and they will match you with potential borrowers. It takes a bit of a skill but the money you can make there is substantial.