Blogging is perfect platform to share your interest. It is the best way not only to share your ideas but also you can earn handsome money from it. There are millions of blog out here on web but few of them who really made the difference. There is a list of top 10 most popular bloggers who made a prominent value in this field and earn a lot of money and praise.

Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers

Richard MacManus

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Richard is the founder and editor-in-chief of read write web. He started off his blog in 2003. A technology focused blog earn for him.

Vitaly Friedman

Friedman is an author and Editor-in-Chief of smashing magazine. An online magazine dedicated to designer and developers. He is earning about through his blog.

Gina Trapani

Gina holds a blog lifehacker. This popular blog contains the software for download and tips. This blog has more than 0.3 million per day visitors and earnings of .

Matt Marshall

Matt has a journalism blog venturebeat. This guy changes the online journalism trend. His thoughtful articles made him popular in blogoshpere.He earns more than .

Jake Dobkin

Jack started his blog Gothamist in 2003.His main focus is on Newyork’s city life and events. This blog has 3.6 million page views per month and a earning of

Collis Taeed

Collis Taeed has a blog Tuts Plus.His blog is covering tutorial about design and Tips. Taeed made his blog much popular that it gives him earning of .

Timothy Sykes

Timothy had a blog Timothysykes.This blogs is focused on stocks. He earn money from affiliated ads and his membership schemes. His monthly income is .

Mario Lavandeira

Mario made a blog Perez Hilton.This blog is focused on celebrity juicy gossips. This made him so much popular that he has featured in many interviews and talk shows. He writes daily 25 to30 post. His blog has more than 1 million visitor per day and earns .

Pete CashMore

Pete cahhmore is the owner of Mashable. This 26 year old blogger had made his huge impact on blogosphere. Mashable is technology blog with main focus on news,social media and technology reviews. This blog has 25 million visitors per month. He earn $6,00,000 per month.

Michael Arrington

Micheal Arrington started Techcrunch in 2005.Manly focus on silicon valley startsup.This blog has more than 26 million visitors per month and earn $8,00,000 per month.