The Little Girl Who Discovered An Ancient Coin, And Was Arrested For It


Plenty of gardeners will happily inform you that they have uncovered plenty of incredible things in their gardens. Very few, however, will have unearthed buried treasure! There was one little girl who discovered a silver coin alongside her mother as they gardened – something which lit up her life. She had no idea what kind of lawful trouble this find would bring her years down the line.

Mommy’s Girl

Britain was where Kate Harding and her mother had their happy home. When the sun was out, the two would go out and begin weeding. Kate happened to be more interesting in the dirt than those pesky weeds, but her mother did not mind, loving to see her daughter having fun. Kate was scooping up piles of soil when a phenomenal shining thing caught her eye. The silver coin had revealed itself.

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Mommys Girl