Hollywood Series That Are Sweeping The World


These are some of the series that you should not miss due to their amazing story lines, great actors, genius makers, and out-of-this-world creators:

“Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.”  ~Jessamyn West

Game of Thrones
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The story goes around the kingdom in the fictional Westeros where families with different crests stake a claim to the iron throne. It started with George R.R. Martin’s book that captured the attention of the world and convinced the producers to make a television adaptation. They even created a language specifically for the Dothrakis.

There are lots of interesting characters here sich as Ned Stark and the rest of the Stark children. Among his children, Jon Snow is one particular bastard. Another interesting character is Daenerys of Targaryen descent. She is the last in the bloodline and has a strong claim on the Iron Throne. She has an army, the loyalty of her trusted servants, and the support of her dragons. This series will definitely take you into another world.

The Walking Dead

The first episode started with the Rick Grimes waking up from a deep slumber from an accident into the whole new world of a zombie apocalypse. He began his adventure by looking for the whereabouts of his wife and son, which inevitably makes him a leader of the other survivors from the walkers. The plot thickens when he finds out the secret affair of his wife and his best friend and a new additional to the family.

Among the interesting characters are Carol, a mother and a battered wife who has to decide to survive against the walkers or to overpower her husband, and Glen, the delivery boy who knows shortcut routes to avoid an encounter with the walkers. Daryl is a badass who likes to kill zombies with archery (he’s actually good with guns and knives, too). This series will take your breath away with all the running and action scenes.


The series is about three sisters who find out that they are not just witches, but the greatest witches of all time by having ‘the power of three.’ They each have their own powers which they develop with time. They battle and help different elementals, ghosts, demons, and warlocks. Each sister is not only gifted with powers but also with beauty. They also have their own love interests, which leads into a unique storyline. You will love the way they tend to help and sometimes hate each other when they become selfish.

Criminal Minds

A series about a special unit of the FBI, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The unit focuses on finding the suspect of serial killings by profiling or analyzing the behavioral patterns on the crime scene, compare them with their gathered data and brainstorm about that. Among the interesting characters is Spencer Reid, a genius who mostly remembers the books he reads and all the information he digests. The cute and flirty banter between Penelope and Morgan also attracts attention because it’s cute and witty. Another favorite is the smart Emily who is loved by the fans for being smart and strong.

Grey’s Anatomy

You will appreciate this series due to its fascinating cases per episode. The medical cases and surgeries you never knew were possible are all here. This is spiced up by the interesting private lives of interns Meredith, the daughter of a renowned doctor, Yang, the smartest among the interns and the one with the coldest emotion, Izzy, the most emotional among them, George, the intern who is secretly in love with another intern, Alex, the evil spawn of the gang. Even the patients and residents are interesting, including Bailey, who is strict to interns assigned to her, Burke, the best heart surgeon in Seattle Grace Hospital, and Derek, the best Neurosurgeon and the Mr. McDreamy in the series.

The Good Wife

The story of Alicia Florick after her husband, a former governor, is imprisoned after an involved in a scandal. She faces the challenge to return to the court scene from being the prim lady and mother of two. She even applies for a job in a law firm to sustain the needs of her children because their assets are temporarily frozen. 

The 100

This is an interesting series about the 100 teens from “The Ark” (a spacecraft where the remaining human survivors of worldwide nuclear bombing stay). The teens are on a mission to test if the earth is habitable again. These teens are chosen from the prison of ‘the Ark’ and are deemed of age to be sent into the abyss of outer space. Officials decide that instead of wasting the lives of these children, they would send them to test if they can survive the radiation on earth. Among the favorite characters are Clarke and Bellamy, the leaders of the 100.