Top 10 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away


Johannes Gutenberg invented the world’s first printing press back in the very dark ages of life, well before electricity light was introduced, and by dark ages, I purely mean in the 15th century. In the past yet modern and present times, printers were absolutely slow in their printing. and the quality of prints weren’t really all that of a High Definition approach as opposed to how it’s done today. As the years progressed, printers became more and more advanced and has seen the integration of Fax, Scan, Copy, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a tray that allows the print directly to the cover of a disc in the CD tray and then to becoming wireless, much smaller yet able to feed more pages at a time, some got bigger with more functionality to it for office use. The printing business has flourished and so has the world. But very few are even aware of what they hadn’t anticipated when it came to the Printing market. Printers that can now print actual objects and by this were taking about anything that can take a 3 dimensional Physical form! By the ground shaking invention of what’s known today as the 3D Printer. Take a look at Top 10 3D printed objects that will blow your mind away to a state of shock.

10. 3D Printed Makeup

3D Printed Objects.
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Artificial colorants are something of a life saver to women especially and has dominated the women product sales industry for several occasions. It is a huge demand in the fashion, modeling industry or just by the usual girls who fancy abit of powder on their skin, lipstick and all the other unnecessary money wasting things in life. Nobody can blame them for it since women are women and these things actually look beautiful on them or enhances their beauty to some level. Touch of red or touch of powder. For the women there are some times where make up runs out and so now it can be created and compressed at home. If women can make their own make-up at home, it most certainly poses as a huge threat to the Billion dollar Beauty industry.

9. Shoes

3D Printed Objects.

Women love shoes! Dammit, men like shoes too but really, women absolutely overdo it don’t they? Men? They seem to be more attracted to and attached to the ‘soles’ of their shoes rather than the ‘souls’ of real people, good men these days. This is the destruction of the world, where physical objects and material things become more valuable than a human life. This is the world as we know it though and not much can be changed. Some women may fancy a certain,shape,size,color and style of a shoe, be it a heel, flat type or casual slip on use they would roam around for hours in the markets searching for it but who would of thought that they’d go to the extent of actually making their own shoes?? Jeez that is dedication I would say. Never the less I would say printing shoes, is a ‘step’ in the right direction for women as it would save men hours of time and torture of having to tolerate them in their store window shopping or wasted time looking at things they can’t afford anyway.

8. Usable 3D printed Clothing

3D Printed Objects.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean not to sound sexist, but sincerely women again just like their fascination and overly passionate passion for shoes, clothing is yet another thing that makes their mind dazed. Attention is all they want and they sort of use their clothing as a means of gaining the type of attention and attraction from males. I’m guessing that colors, sizes, styles, patterns, the cut of a garment and how much it can reveal may appeal to women more than the actual clothing item itself. Men use clothing too, but we don’t fantasize about it or start groups and talk about it etc. etc. 3D printed clothing however can be custom made to your exact likings and is totally awesome as you can now look like a million dollar man or women even if a 3D printer and a cellphone is all you own. It allows you to create a totally futuristic design of clothing and patterns, parts etc. altogether that you won’t see on shop hangers etc.

7. Synthetic Food

3D Printed Objects.

Yep! You can print that too, thanks to the revolutionary invention of the 3D printer. Now here were not speaking about printing a 3D object of food as in a cheese burger that’s a display object. Here I’m speaking about actual edible synthetic food! As crazy as this may sound, oh it’s going to do more harm to somebodies body than satisfying their hunger. Yes it may to some level, depending on what you ‘feed’ into the printer in order to feed your stomach but not entirely as dangerous as it seems. See how this one works particularly, is that just you may feed the printer, steel or plastic resin and it turns it into a solid, physical object, with this method, you feed the printer ingredients of what it is you desire to eat and it would basically shape it into place while adding the other ingredients and compacting it as a finished prepared edible thing. Since printing food remains an experimental stage of 3D printing altogether, the big question is, will printed food be as healthy and safe as well as satisfying as good as its printed form looks? A whole lot of printed food fails and side effects reported by lab rats are to reveal this answer soon to us.

6. Medical Implants

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Here is, where the Top 10 3D printed objects become extremely interesting. So let’s say you go to a doctor, dentist or any respected professional of the medical field and need something that cannot be easily bought of the counter, something as precious as a new set of teeth or false teeth that is exclusive to the size and shape of your mouth, or let’s say to fill in the gaps of some missing teeth that requires a certain fit, size, shape and precision-ly cut thing to fit exactly where you need it to be without looking much different from the rest. You bet that with 3D printed medical implants, this can now be possible too. Now your medical implants can look and feel more realistic, professional and with a technological edge cut as well. Literally and physically. Although technology allows for a new dimension in medical implants, its advised not to purposefully destroy yourself to get a medical implant since it’s fairly expensive and nothing beats the natural gifted parts you were given.

5. Ultra-Realistic face mask

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Have you watched a movie which the actors play a duplicate role, good and evil men with the same face standing next to each other but they aren’t twins, it’s a doppelganger and they are made so freaky because they look identical this is something amazing. Now we don’t have to go and spend thousands on plastic surgery to destroy a good natural face since you can simply print one of your own, just exactly the way you want it to be. This can now give you the ultimate ‘heeling’ edge as you can instantly in an hour repair or patch yourself up with realistic skin texture and the simple thing like the blood clot in your eyes will be printed too, identical to the real thing! You want a nose, you want a certain color eye, different shaped lips or ears, whatever it may be in terms of a physical characteristics you desire can now be created. Can you imagine with this technology, how many doppelganger Michael Jackson’s, Elvis Presley‘s or Kim Kardashians are probably roaming the streets and taking over the original persons form, fooling an entire country, then it’s all over the news caught doing something they not known to do, only to realize it was a hipster with an identically created skin texture mask of the original??! If I had one, I would have caused mental destruction playing with people’s imaginations. As fun as it sounds to create a carbon copy face of yourself and others too, it’s crazy and can cause more damage to society as anything else if done the wrongful way.

4. GUNS! And gun parts

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In terms of 3D printed objects that is unbelievable, 3D printed guns are outrageous, but not unpredicted as its only to serve as work station and a huge assistance to gunsmithers of the ‘black industry’ (illegal suppliers of unlawful things‘). While 3D printers, 3D printing is perfectly legal and patented for sale to ordinary civilians within the use of their home, office or any other premises, 3D printing guns isn’t actually according to what the law would be happy about. As though the black market of producing and selling illegal firearms isn’t troublesome enough. Gun laws as well as gun control in any country is regulated by selling certain core parts of a gun that makes it possible to fire a projectile are extremely guarded and sold to only trusted and licensed personnel with strict laws behind it. What happens however when some gun enthusiast gets creative and creates the 3D blueprint of that part and uploads it to a network of thousands of gun owners who need just that part for their guns to fire? This is yet to cause world outrage of gunfire, murders, havoc, and chaos in the law enforcing agencies and street violence. It is possible however and the law cannot stop it once it gets to that point and goes viral. This is primarily where the destruction of technology and its use will go for the absolute wrong and injustice of its invention and may even be subject to being banned by authorities. The good thing here however is that this may only really be possible to do on an industrial printer which only Millionaires would be able to afford and that too by a lot of restrictions, however plastic parts can be printed and used as molds for the real metal cast thing and a few tweaking’s to custom fit what it was intended to be used for which is the scary part.

3. 3D Printed Car (Strati Car)

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Oh how lovely. Why spend $20 000 or have to go through the trouble of saving so much or more to purchase a market retail vehicle when you can spend around $2000 to print your own with a revolutionized and futuristic edge to your design etc.? Yes this may shock you but 3D printed parts of a car can eventually be put together and built as a car on its own. A real life road worthy and drivable car that can perform basic functions like other normal cars can as well as with a bit of a unique blend of creativity to it. The ability to custom make parts to be put as a car or to enhance your existing car to look like anything you want is certainly a god given gift and certainly technology taken to extremes. The beauty of this ,is that one now has the freedom to add in their own designs of the body, replace certain old parts with a fresh looking new one, print a counterpart of a fender ,door etc. That’s been smashed by another car collision, rusted etc. This virtually means if you can now build your own vehicle with the right amount of expertise and you can do repairs on your own too, saving you thousands in the long ‘run’, literally and figuratively too. This is truly an added bonus to the vehicle industry and vehicle owners who will definitely give “pimp my ride” a run for their money. This may also pose a huge threat to auto mechanics also who may lose business to some sad levels.

2. Five story office building

3D Printed Objects.

By this number 2 ranking of outrageous 3D printed objects, it has been taken to extremes. Just when we think printing food, guns and cars is insane, wait till you hear that a 5 story office building was also 3D freaken printed!!! Does this mean that the building has been put up at just the cost of using an industrial 3D printer? Regardless, this was as amazing and extreme 3D printing could have gotten which simply means to builders and construction personnel that if parts of what will eventually form the whole of a 5 story building, then builders and companies, now don’t have to go through the physical labor of weeks of brick and cement laying, metal sheeting and rodding and it won’t exactly take more than 6 months anymore for the building to be built as it’s been done for the past few centuries. But the big question here is that if parts of a 5 story building can be printed and assembled, how many people, heavy items and other things will it be able to hold above and below each other, how high can it be built, how stable is this building against certain nature and manmade forces etc.

1. Biodegradable body parts!

3D Printed Objects 3D Printed Objects.

Last but not least, what is thee most greatest thing that’s larger than food, clothing, people’s faces, beauty,guns, buildings etc.?……LIFE! Nothing is and will never be larger than life and all living things on this planet. People’s lives are valuable and so are their body parts since it’s something they were born with. As we grow older there are some times when we may lose some of our body parts or hurt its original flesh form which is a natural process and is part of being human. Because our bodies are made of flesh and bones, they are very precious to mankind and at the same time absolutely fragile too. This is the one thing we cannot bear to depart with, any of our body parts for that matter. 3D printed body parts has, with no surprise become a thing of reality in motion as we speak. Biodegradable body parts work as follows: Let’s say for an example you lose an earlobe for some reason. Another ear lobe can be printed in that shape and with the fusion of medical sciences, it can be filled with substances that work hand in hand with your natural body parts in order to reform to that shape while multiplying some of your skin and cells over the 3D printed objects shape which eventually forms back into the original skin form, while degrading the 3D object after the new fresh skin layer grows over it!! This ultimately is evidence that god really exists somehow if he could deploy such mindsets in humans to do the work of what we thought only god could naturally do for humans. 3D printing can be considered as Life itself after this invention and we hope to see what’s next that we haven’t seen, which can be printed in the future!