6 Reasons Why Procrastination May Be Good for You

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Sometimes, your work day is over, but your work isn’t. The tasks are on the desk for weeks, and you don’t find the time to finish them at all. You procrastinated again. Sometimes, it is really frustrating to know that you are in trouble due to procrastination. Are you?

Well, procrastination is a well-known enemy of work. It keeps us far away from our obligations – but it isn’t always the case. Procrastination can sometimes improve our productivity at work.  Adam Grant even wrote a book named “Originals,” which explains how you can become more creative and unique with the help of procrastination! It explains how people who procrastinate moderately are more creative than ones who finish their job on deadlines (or before time limits). Here are six reasons why the procrastination may actually be good for you.

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”Napoleon Hill

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You will get more things done

There is a difference between an active and passive procrastinator. An active procrastinator clears some of the tasks and procrastinates on other ones. A passive procrastinator does nothing. Therefore, there is no likelihood that he is going to get more things done. This article focuses only on active procrastinators. Considering that you constantly procrastinate on the same jobs, you do the rest of the things on time and with high quality.

You will remove unnecessary tasks

When you procrastinate on a task, you won’t even remember why it is on your to-do list in the first place. That will give you an opportunity to evaluate whether it is still important or not. If you have been procrastinating on it for an extended period of time, it could actually be unimportant.

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You will see what is important for you

You won’t procrastinate on the things you love to do or that matter to you. If you are asking yourself whether something needs to be done, you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Passion and purpose for work will help you seize procrastination. It may even make you realize that your procrastination is a result of a wrong engagement!

You will be more creative

If you have a huge job to do, it is okay to procrastinate because it might seem so boring and demanding. But, we might not realize that even when we aren’t actively working, our minds are gathering ideas and processing them to prepare us for the job that needs to be done. That basically means that when you sit to finish the job, you will have a lot more ideas on how to go about it.

You will make better decisions

Sometimes procrastination is a result of our uncertainty – we aren’t sure enough which way we should go. Our mind and intuition are conflicted, and we can’t figure out which one we should listen to. That is when procrastination can save us! It can help us avoid some ways that might not be for us. Procrastination will buy us some time to think about all the open options. Once the deadline comes, we are actually ready to make the decision since we have done our research.

You will apologize better

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If you have done something wrong and should apologize to someone, it is better to give them some time to cool off. This will help you think about an authentic apology, and that will show your regrets and learnings. You will also be in a better position to explain why the mistake happened in the first place. That way, the other party will have time to reflect on how this impacted them, so you will end up communicating more effectively with them in a calmer manner.

Who would have thought that procrastination could have its good sides? These reasons are enough for people who aren’t procrastinators, to start procrastinating, because of huge advantages they can get from it. You can see what you are capable of, become better in your dream job, and get rid of something you don’t like. Therefore, the results of procrastination are amazing!

Still, we should remember that these facts are applicable only to an active procrastinator. Don’t just sit there doing nothing. This is a good way to filter your skills, jobs, and opportunities, and become far more creative than you have ever been!

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