Stop Being Busy: Simple Tips To Improve Your Life

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Are you constantly busy? You have to realize one thing – you are not a robot, programmed to simply follow to-do lists. During the day, you can see yourself always running around, doing something with no time to rest. This is not good for your health and your life in general. Well, now is the best time for you to take a deep breath and slow down a bit. Read these lines and realize what you have been doing wrong all this time.

 Stop being addicted to your business

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Are you often missing the moments of joy embedded in your everyday life? That is because you are addicted to your work. Do you have kids? Try to spend more time with them. Teach them how real life works from your own perspective but also let them tell you their stories. Then, just place some fairy tale characters in your position and then together analyze what you’d do if you were the invented characters. It will be much fun to listen to your own children solving your daily issues with the help of their imaginary friends.

 Stop feeling overwhelmed

Yes, this is not something you can simply decide not to be, but Brigid Schulte, in her book called Overwhelmed wrote:

“So much do we value busyness, researchers have found a human ‘aversion’ to idleness and need for ‘justifiable busyness.”

So, do you feel this ‘aversion’ towards idleness? This is precisely the core of your problem of feeling overwhelmed. You force yourself to be always busy because you hate idleness. But did you know that your body and mind need the moments of idleness to relax and ‘reset’? Yes, the word is ‘reset’ means to turn off and then on again to make it start working correctly again. Even every computer (which is a machine, not a human being) has this button, but do you?

 Don’t let busyness devour your values

This means that being busy is not the only a sign that you are living a meaningful life. On the contrary, in the moments of idleness, when you are free from any kind of work (even housework, just lying down doing nothing except for thinking) you can achieve much. In these idle moments, you can create a psychological distance from yourself, your troubles, your every-day life and have a full overview of your doings. This is necessary for any person who wants to be moral and highly efficient. Maybe somewhere on your way, you have hurt someone or made some wrong decisions which have changed your path towards values that you don’t support. Stop right now and think about this – are the values you believe in really behind your doings?

 The most important thing

Start seeing people you usually don’t have a chance to meet. Talk with them. Hear their attitudes and their points of view, which are possibly different from your own. Leave your car in the garage and walk around the town/city/park. It is important that you move your body through space a bit to feel your own motion when you are not in a hurry. Repeat this at least two to three times a week, and you will surely feel a profound change.

“This busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness. Obviously your life cannot possibly be silly, or trivial, or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked every hour of the day. All this noise, and rush, and stress seem contrived to cover up some fear at the center of our lives.”

These are the words of a Tim Kreider from his book of essays titled We Learn Nothing”. Do you agree with this man? Can you relate to his words? If you do, then follow our tips and you will feel much less of a robot and much more of a human being. You will not be in a constant hurry all day long throughout the whole year, and you will become a happier individual. You will even start laughing since a laugh requires moments of idleness. Do you know that busy people don’t laugh? They just smile a bit, but laughter is essential for a prolonged life. Also, think about all the new people you will meet and the old friends whom you will start seeing again. Don’t you feel excited?

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