Portion Control Is Your Ticket To The Body That You Want

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Starving yourself is not cool; controlling how much you eat is.

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Some people think that the only way to lose weight is to prevent themselves from eating what they want and hitting the exercise floor like maniacs. While it may hold true for some weight loss fanatics, the truth of the matter is that portion control is the greatest way to monitor your calorie intake.

The key to staying fit (and we’re not disregarding the importance of exercise here) is eating in moderation and not just merely knowing when to stop when you’re feeling full. Don’t skip meals or deprive yourself of your version of comfort food. Just take a moment to learn these tips, and you’ll soon be eating with both gusto and better discipline.

Don’t use big plates.

You can eat a great meal while using smaller plates like cereal bowls or salad plates. A smaller plate size will condition your mind into believing that you’re consuming more than you actually are. People tend to eat depending on what they see and smell. Hence, a smaller plate stacked up with food appears more filling than a half-filled dinner plate.

To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing. “  – Mark Twain

Leave some for leftovers.

If you’re thinking of having the same dish for lunch or the next dinner, set aside a portion of the food before you even start eating. In that way, you have already convinced yourself not to have as many servings as you like. Leftovers save you time, money, and the effort to cook your next meal. They also force you to ration your food and prevent you from overeating.

Don’t eat from the bag.

If you can’t avoid buying big servings of food, just get a portion of what you’ll eat. Whatever you do, don’t eat from the bag. If you want more, try to get the same amount or less, and use the suggested serving size on the bag or container to guide you. You may put the remaining portion in re-sealable bags to maintain freshness.

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Observe the 50/25/25 rule.

Don’t carelessly load up your plate without conscious thought of what you’ll be putting in your stomach. The best way to do it is to aim for a 50-25-25 diet plan, where fifty percent of calories would come from carbohydrates, twenty-five percent from proteins and another twenty-five percent from fat. If you can train yourself to make estimates based on this nutrient distribution, then you’re a step ahead to having a balanced diet. Plus, you don’t deprive yourself of varieties, but neither do you have too much of one thing.

Split food when dining out.

If you’re dining alone at a restaurant, request the waiter to serve you half of what you ordered and have the other half wrapped for takeout. When dining with someone, consider sharing the dish by agreeing to split the servings. In that way, you can also share the bill equally and save some money.

To lengthen your life, shorten your meals. “ – Proverb

Keep calm and study what’s at a buffet.

Buffet dining tends to whet your appetite fast, especially when you’re stomach is churning and aching to be filled. Before you start filling your plate, look at the selections well and set your sights on the dishes that you will sample. Getting a little of everything is okay, but remember the guiding rule of 50-25-25. A second helping won’t hurt, but be sure to refrain from going back to the buffet table for more.

Give your full concentration when eating.

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Chew your food well and savor your meal. Do not watch television or have too many other distractions while eating. Distractions will make you eat more without unknowingly. Conscious eating is an excellent way to control your food intake. Have a glass of warm water or tea at hand, if you wish, and take sips in between bites to help you digest your food well. Concentration is crucial when you’re at the dining table. It is easy to notice that you’ve had enough when your focus is on the food instead of on something else.

Life itself is the proper binge.”  – Julia Child

Anyone can do portion control. It just takes the right mindset to make your stomach cooperate and your appetite to work for you and not AGAINST you.

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