7 Affordable Luxuries to Make You Think Rich

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You don’t need to be affluent to experience the pleasures that come with life and the luxuries enjoyed by the “rich and the famous”. We see the lavish life on the Internet, glossy magazines and billboards. Good news! There are hundreds of ways and alternatives that beckon you to try for yourself.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”
― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The list is far too long. Yet, most luxuries may not always apply to many. However, here are guaranteed suggestions; they don’t indent the pocket much yet  they do wonders in satisfying our luxury-thirsty souls:

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 Having a monogrammed item

It’s not just about adding a personal touch to a purse, towel, or stationery. Monogram designs are usually catchy and artsy. Also, seeing your initials or name on an item you own gives you a feeling of pride and luxury. It gives you and the onlooker the impression that the monogrammed possession has been created “just for you.”

 Putting on a fancy underwear

We’re not saying that you fill your drawers with expensive undergarments. Nevertheless, owning a high-quality pair and wearing it on certain occasions makes you feel great about yourself. Women, in particular, feel elated and confident upon the feel of silk or any other expensive material on their skin.

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 Trying on “celebrity-endorsed” beauty products

Brands can be confusing. But, the advertising genius keeps on finding new ways to ensure that their products stand out and are picked among many. They get the right celebrity to endorse their product and make the promise believable. By so doing, they convince us to use the products without paying much attention to the price tag. Well, psychologically, you tell yourself that the lipstick or shampoo makes you look fantastic. What’s important is what you believe to be true.

Installing an Italian Showerhead

What is it about this contraption that will make you feel luxurious? Simply, it changes the water pressure in your shower and makes it spew eighty-eight jets.  The result: a downright “refreshing and spa-like shower experience”. Additionally, you can get it anytime you want as long as you have it installed in your bathroom. Pretty cool, we daresay!

Using fine cutlery and dishware occasionally

Thrown in the cloth napkins and you’re ready to go—to a great home-cooked meal in your own dining table. The “clinks” made as you enjoy your food add a luxurious touch to your otherwise microwavable and dishwasher-friendly eating utensils.

Donating to charity

Regardless of how much you give, the fact that you’re giving something from your own pocket is thrilling. The thought of your money going to a good cause fills you with a feeling of satisfaction. Similar to any philanthropist or celebrity that regularly donates, you feel that you have helped in making a difference in the society.

 Being at the top of a mountain or a penthouse

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Imagine looking up and almost touching the sky while seeing the expanse of the world below. It is one of the best ways to luxuriate in the breathtaking view. The feeling is that of being on top of the world. Rather, having or the world is beneath your feet.

“Luxury is but a “state of mind.” Your experience of it is very personal to you. Therefore, you need to define what you want and how much you’d want to spend for it.

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