The Most Dangerous And Creepy Bridges In The Entire World


Bridges are important to get you from one area to another over a body of water. However, they aren’t all as safe as you want to believe. In fact, some of them should be approached with plenty of caution or even not used at all. Just in the United States alone, one of 10 bridges is actually considered to be “structurally deficient.” That means there are issues, and it’s not very safe to use.

When you start looking at the world’s bridges, it’s clear that some of them are quite terrifying!

Here are the most terrifying and dangerous bridges in the world. Some might not have the proper safety features, others have steep slopes, and you might have to go to stomach-churning heights!

The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado

The Royal Gorge Bridge In Colorado
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The Royal Gorge Bridge In Colorado

Colorado is home to a fun amusement park at the edge of Royal Gorge, but you can also get a thrill from the Royal Gorge Bridge. It stands at 959 feet over the Arkansas River and is the highest known suspension bridge in the US!