Save Money While Shopping Online: Cashback Webstes

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If you have $1,000, here are some ways of investing them. On the other hand, if you don’t have this amount of money, we are going to help you earn it through saving. Let’s start!

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What is a cashback website?

It is a site through which you buy things, but it returns you some money. Basically, if you spend $10 on a product, and there is 10% cashback, you get $1 back. The percentage is not always the same. At times, you can get back even far more than $1.


This cashback site is free to use. It also has cashback deals for many retailers including Groupon and Amazon.  For your first purchase via Ebates you get a bonus gift card for $10 Walmart or $10 for Ebates. There are over 1,800 retailers on Ebates, which has paid over $325 million to its users.

Ebates sends your cashback rewards once every three months. You can receive your money via check or PayPal. Here, retailers offer different kinds of deals, but mostly that is a percentage of the amount you spend on the retailers’ sites. Rates go from 2 percent, up to 12 percent or even more. There are even “Double Cashback” deals, where retailers offer twice as much the cashback as they normally would.


This site has a unique cashback system. Here, users accumulate a virtual currency called Swag Bucks. Not Dollars, not Euros, nor anything we are well familiar with. You accumulate these Swag Bucks by shopping, playing games, searching the Internet, and through surveys. It is pretty simple to sign up and most importantly, it is free. On signing up, you earn four free Swag Bucks and two more when you place your security question. There is also a very helpful tutorial.

This site has a thing called “Accomplish Channel.” It is located on the left side of your screen and here, you can set daily cashback goals. You can also track your progress towards those goals. There is an option to make To-Do lists to track easy ways towards earning more cash back.


There are more than 3,000 online vendors at ShopAtHome. Therefore, on this site, you can save your money on buying many different things. It is free to sign up and the moment you log in, you can start buying. There is nothing to wait for.  In the ShopGold Rewards section, you can earn cashback by accumulating points. This ShopGold Rewards section gives you points for playing games, taking surveys, and inviting your friends to join and create accounts.

However, there is a trick. The Gold Rewards points can be exchanged only for gift cards – NOT MONEY. On the other hand, that cashback you earn from shopping (which is not the same as the ShopGold Rewards) CAN be exchanged for money, but only when you get a minimum of $20 in cashback. Moreover, cashback deals are mostly based on purchase percentages, which go from 1.5 to 20 percent cash back.

Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus has over 4,000 retailers! Sign up for free and get $3 instantly. There is a wide variety of coupons with many different conditions to be fulfilled. The minimum redemption amount for Coupon Cactus is only $10, which is less than on other similar sites. You can get your money through a check or PayPal. The payment goes every three months and if you still don’t have $10 cashback, you won’t lose your money. Rather, it will be carried forward to the next payout period. This site has the Biggest Discounts tab at the top, so you don’t waste your time searching for it by yourself.


The same as in the previous four examples: you get your cash back by shopping at the retailer’s sites, taking surveys or referring your friends. Signing up is free and you receive $5 cash back immediately. You click on a link and you are redirected to that store’s website. When you buy something there, you get back the amount of cashback pointed out on Memolink.

The most convenient thing here is that Memolink gives you a list of the cash rewards available for each retailer even before you start shopping. This enables you to better decide whether you want to buy from one retailer or another. The minimum to be paid out is $10 or 16,000 points. Generally, for every 8,000 points, you get $5 on your account. When you want to redeem your points, you can choose to get a check, a gift card or simply donate it to charity.

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