These 5 Tips Teach You How to Earn While Shopping

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The word “shopping” is usually accompanied by images of money going down the drain or wallets running out of dollar notes. However, that isn’t always the case. There are ways to earn money even as you shop.

Here are ways to earn as you spend 

 Mystery Shopping

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One mystery shopper revealed through Forbes that he (or she) earned $14,000 from mystery shopping. This person explained how the arrangement works: companies hire guys like you to go to their outlets and pretend to be customers and then give feedback about the visit to the corporate contact.

The feedback on the shopping experience and service given by a mystery shopper is typically valuable and tends to be on point as it is done without the actual staff’s knowledge, which is why a number of companies hire people to test their services. The rates may range from $5 to $20 per shop visited. The job also comes with a number of perks, including freebies and reimbursement of the expenses incurred during the mystery shopping. Does this make you want to sign up now?

Personal shopping

If you love to shop so much and have an eye for style, why not do that also for other people? You get to relish the experience of buying clothes and other items without the guilt or the risk of compromising your finances. You can work part time as a personal shopper. Otherwise, you can advertise your services like the trooper that you are. For the services, you can charge by the hour or by order. Laurie Ely, who specializes in shopping for the elderly, charges 15% commission on the purchases she makes and a $8 fee for each order. Based on these rates, she is estimated to be making about $20,000 in a year from personal shopping.

It’s worth noting that personal shoppers can also act as image consultants or corporate advisers on holiday gifts. These skills can bring in more revenues, which will push annual takings even higher.

Cashback Schemes

You’d be surprised to know there are many of these schemes, which typically involve apps and websites. One example is Ibotta, an app that somehow gamifies shopping. It allows you to earn money while buying specific items at the suggested retail stores.

Before you go and shop up a storm, pick offers for a certain number of items found in the app and accomplish what is asked of you. Whether it’s as simple as watching an ad or something mildly tedious like taking a poll, do it. Accomplishing these tasks help you earn money rewards such as $.50 for one item. The rewards may vary. You can then use these rewards on items that you later purchase for yourself. Remember that you have to buy the items in a participating branch.

Using Coupons

These help you cut down your shopping expenses to levels that allow you to put away a bit more money for savings or investment. Take advantage the coupons you find in magazines, newspapers, or promotional events. Social media is also a good source of coupons, including the digital ones.

Doing groceries for other people

Similar to personal shopping, grocery shopping for other people eases your buying itch without burning a hole in your wallet. Plus, you can earn some money from this gig! You can use Instacart or TaskRabbit to get yourself started on this path.

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