11 Wicked Things You Probably Didn’t Know About North Korea

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North Korea is everything but a normal country. See here things that make North Korea the world's strangest country.

North Korea is bizarre because of many things that happen there and because of some bizarre rules the country’s citizens have to follow. Let’s see some of the strangest things you probably didn’t know about North Korea:

1. Do They Have Netflix?

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North Korea has only 3 T.V. channels.Two of which are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evenings...

2. Largest military in the world

North Korea has the largest military in the world (including active, reserved and paramilitary) with 7.7 million servicemen and women. The US have an estimated 1.5 million active military personnel

North Korea's female soldiers.

3. “Pleasure Squad”

Kim Jong-un's secret "Pleasure Squad" , a group of 2000 attractive North Korean women.

The girls are allegedly picked at random by soldiers - sometimes from their own school - and forced to serve a small military circle of North Korea's elite.

4. The Land of Tall Women

North Korean women are taller than the men in their country. North Korean ladies are also taller than women from other countries!

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5. North Korean Teachers Must Know How to Play the Accordion

You can’t become a teacher in North Korea if you don’t know how to play the accordion! All teachers were required to learn the accordion.

6. Kim Jong Il looking at things

Kim Jong Il looking very interested at eight female soldiers.

The North Korean leader was always wearing the same grey jacket, shades and Mao suit and looking at something for the camera. He tries to do his best to look interested but fails most of the time...

7. Blue Denim Jeans are illegal

Blue Denim Jeans are illegal in North Korea as denim represents capitalist America.

8. 34,000 Statues

North Korean citizens love their founding father Kim II Sung so much that they have erected 34,000 statues depicting him.

9. Elections

Elections take place every five years but only have one option.

10.Hair cut

North Korean women have 18 sanctioned hair cut designs, men have only 10, men are prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5 cm — less than 2 inches — while older men can get away with up to 7 cm (3 inches).

11.The Mud Festival

Every July there is a festival where everyone goes to get dirty and crazy! People cover their bodies in goopy clay and wrestle!

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