These Legendary Golden Era Celebrities

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Connie Stevens – 82

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Ever since the ‘50s, Connie Stevens has been an inseparable part of the music and movie industries. Her first album called Concetta was released in 1958, while her last, The Very Best of Connie Stevens, came out in 2012. She is also known for her acting performances in films like Grease 2 and series like Hawaiian Eye in the ‘60s. Stevens is 82 years old right now but still looks dazzling. She’s set to star in the upcoming By the Rivers of Babylon film in 2019. Through her successful career, she has acquired a $50 million fortune!

Kris Kristofferson – 84

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Kris Kristofferson is a talented songwriter, and among the several hit songs which he wrote were Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down and Help Me Make It Through the NightHe has an amazing career as a solo singer, but he also became popular for being part of the group called The Highwaymen. Aside from music, he was also successful in acting. Many of you might remember him for the award-winning performance he had had in the original A Star Is Born movie back in 1976. Kristofferson hasn’t entered retirement yet as of today, and his most recent role was in Blaze back in 2018.


Peter Weller – 73

Peter Weller is the type of actor whom fans remember forever. Even though Peter Weller quit acting he will always be remembered for playing the cult classic character’ Robocop’. Peter Weller was originally a theater actor & made his film debut with Butch & Sundance: The Early Years. However, Robocop is the movie that made him into a huge star. Afterwards movies came piling at his front door & he appeared in other popular projects including Leviathan, The adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension and Batman. Weller retired from acting a few years ago and focuses on Directing and Producing projects.

Richard Dean Anderson – 70

Richard Dean is a popular American actor & for those of you who really don’t know who he is all you gotta do is google ‘MacGyver’. Richard Dean rose to fame as the quirky guy who came up with absolutely absurd solutions which later provided him with further projects includding Stargate series as well as movies includign Past The Bleachers, Children of Gods, Beyond Betrayal and many more. The star is now 70-years-old & he has retired from Hollywood and spends time between LA and Minnesotta probably with family.

Gene Hackman – 90

Popular Hollywood actor,Gene Hackman is someone who truly needs no introduction.  Gene began working at a very young age on various theater plays and some comedy series however his first Oscar Nomination was for Bonnie and Clyde. After the nomination, the actor grew eager to find worthy work and landed French Connection which not only landed him an Oscar but worldwide fame & recognition. Gene appeared in many movies including Mississippi Burning, Unforgiven, The Conversation and Crimson Tide. After 2000, his work seemed to decrease and he only acted in a bunch of comedy movies. He later began to work less on movies and his reason was that he missed the real essence of acting but the whole business behind it tired him. Gene Hackman quit acting to become a writer and he has already penned down 4 fictional novels.

Max Baer Jr – 81

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Max Baer Jr. is a man of many talents, having dabbled in directing, acting, producing, and screenwriting. However, he is definitely most remembered for his role as Jethro Bodine in ‘Beverly Hillbillies’! Baer Jr. took advantage of his famous TV role by marketing the show in the gambling and hotel industry. In 1999, 65 Beverley Hillbillies slot machines were constructed and positioned in 10 casinos. Max also holds the accolade of being the last living cast member of the show since the passing of his costar Donna Douglas in 2015.

Elinor Donahue – 83

Mary Eleanor Donahue or popularly known as Elinor Donahue is a former American Actress who was popular during the 50’s-70’s period. Elinor appeared in many famous projects but she is popularly known for playing the role of Betty Anderson on the famous Tv series Father Knows Best. Her other famous notable mentions include The Andy Griffith Show, The Odd Couple & An Old Fashioned Girl. Elinor now lives in with her husband in California.

Linda Evans – 78

Popular American actor Linda Evans is still known by her fans as the star from the hit ABC’s tv show Dynasty. The show proved to be a massive success especially for the star as she was able to earn over $30 Million in assets. Dynasty gave her  a ladder to other popular tv shows including The Big Valley & Hunter. Apart from this she also appeared in movies including Bingo and Mitchell. Linda now lives in a secluded farm in Washington and enjoys the fruits of her labor.

Cybill Shepherd – 71

She made her on-screen debut, playing in The Last Picture Show in 1971. Today, Cybill Shepherd’s won everything from a Golden Globe to an Emmy, mostly with the Cybill series of the mid and late ‘90s. She is 70 years old by now but remains incredibly active as an actress. As a matter of fact, Cybill will be playing in the film called Love is Love is Love in 2020. She’s been married twice, first to David Ford with whom she had a daughter, and later to Bruce Oppenheim until 1990, with whom she had twins.

Nancy Sinatra – 80

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She was born into the spotlight and has rightfully earned her place there throughout her life. Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of the also-legendary Frank Sinatra and has been living out her father’s legacy to the fullest. She is the person behind songs like These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, the incredible cover of Cher’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) and the incredible father-daughter duet Somethin’ Stupid. She is now crossing her 79th year and remains incredibly active. As a matter of fact, she’s currently organizing a fundraiser with the purpose of restoring the Plaza Theatre of Palm Springs.

Rita Moreno – 89

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Rita Moreno has been acting since she was 13, starting from Broadway’s ‘Skydrift’. Her stunning physical appearance coupled with similar talents was applauded, granting her many other roles, like The King and I. Rita belongs in an exclusive list of 12 people who have won a Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy. Throughout her career, she has been tied to superstars such as Elvis Presley, Anthony Quinn, and Marlon Brando. This granted her multiple tabloid headlines and as they say, there is no bad publicity. Over her career, she has earned over $25 million.

Jane Fonda – 83

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Jane Fonda is the classic American beauty, even so at 80 years old today. Star of many films such as ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Klute’, her great performances in film over the years enabled her multiple accolades, including two Oscars. Generating a $200 million net worth via her career, she actively participated in political activism, particularly in civil rights. An HBO documentary covering Fonda’s life story titled Jane Fonda in Five Acts was released in 2018. The feature, which received rave reviews, tackled her childhood, acting career, and even her political activism.

Shirley Jones – 87

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American singer and actress Shirley Jones has over six decades to speak for her career in the entertainment industry. While Shirley was best known for playing an escort in ‘Elmer Gantry’, her outstanding performance won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Besides that, one of her other iconic roles was as Shirley Partridge in ‘The Partridge Family’. A recent appearance of hers was as Mrs. McClain in General Hospital. Now, she’s focusing on living her best life with a $25 million net worth. In her private life, she happens to be a grandmother of ten!

Barbara Eden – 89

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Barbara Eden started off her journey as an actress in 1956 on ‘The Johnny Carson Show’. Her success on the show made her a star, granted her many roles in TV shows and stage performances. She then made the leap into the movie industry which graciously accepted her. Barbara starred in several great films, most notably ‘A Private’s Affair’, ‘Swingin’ Along’, and ‘Flaming Star’, in which she had the opportunity to act alongside Elvis Presley. However, her best-known role was as Jeannie in the extremely popular sitcom, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ which aired in the 60’s. While she is still active as of 2016, she is definitely living comfortable with her $10 million fortune.

Brigette Bardot – 86

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Brigitte Bardot’s first passion was ballet, as she dreamt of being a famous ballerina one day. As she grew older, she changed her mind, and decided to pursue acting instead. We’d say she made the right decision, as she managed to appear in over 40 movies over her career! Besides acting, Brigitte also modelled and occasionally sang, and in her prime, was often head to head with fellow Hollywood star Sophia Loren. They butted heads as they were both beautiful, talented, and coincidentally the same age. Her successful career netted her a $65 million valuation to her name, and nowadays Brigitte spends her days petitioning for animal rights away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Loni Anderson – 755

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Does anyone remember Loni Anderson, the actress who played as the receptionist in ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’? The actress who was nominated for multiple Golden Globe and Emmy awards recently turned 75 but she doesn’t have plans on retiring. However, her daughter Deidra Hoffman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 and Loni stays home to support her daughter. Deidra is currently still battling against the disease. We sincerely hope that she recovers and for Loni to appear on TV again. In 2014, there was quite a stir when Anderson demanded that Burt Reynolds pay her the divorce settlement he owed her for over 20 years!


Barbara Walters – 91

When it comes to making quality TV, Barbara Walters knows a thing or two. After all, she’s been at it since the ‘60s! Barbara was born in Boston back in 1929. She went on to work for shows like Today, ABC Evening News, 20/20, and finally, The View. The last time she was on The View was in 2016 when she officially retired. She enjoyed some time out of the spotlight, and in 2019, she appeared on an episode of the Lorena mini docuseries. All her years of hard work have given her a $150-million fortune with which to enjoy her retirement.


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Shani Wallis – 87

She played one of the most important roles on the big screen in the ‘60s, the one of Nancy in the musical drama, Oliver!. Shani Wallis is in her late 80s right now, and although she’s no longer acting, she’s alive and well. She was born in North London in 1933 and now lives in the States with her husband, Bernie Rich. With her career, she played in theater productions, including some from Broadway, and in many films. The last time she had an acting project, however, was in 2006, with Mojave Phone Booth.

Donna Martell – 93 Prev Next

A familiar name in the western genre, Donna Martell launched her career in the 40’s and rose to prominence with her performance on ‘Apache Rose’. The good times never stopped, as when the 50’s rolled by, she landed more roles on TV, appearing in programs like ‘Cavalcade of America’ and ‘Cheyenne’. She was married to Gene Corse from 1953 to 1996 until he passed away. They’ve managed to carry on the family name with 3 children. Martell’s professional acting career ended in 1963, but she made a brief comeback with Grace Kelly in 1983.

Cora Sue Collins – 91 Prev Next

Cora Sue Collins managed to make more money than she knew how to count at the age of 5, with her appearance in the film ‘The Unexpected Father’. Roles came pouring in soon after, with great performances in films such as ‘The Scarlet Letter’, ‘Anna Karenina’ and many others. By the time she retired at the tender age of 18 – barely an adult, she already had 47 acting credits! It must’ve been a great decision to retire and live a quieter life as she looks amazing for a 91-year-old woman!

Terry Kilburn – 94 Prev Next

Terence Kilburn knew he had to make it as an actor since he was a child. He found his way to the US after moving from London with his mother and was discovered by an MGM agent. Kilburn became extremely popular despite being amongst many other great child actors at the time for his performance as Tiny Tim on ‘A Christmas Carol’. Throughout his very lucrative career, he’s built a significant wealth. Kilburn also worked as the head of the Meadow Brook Theatre in Michigan and today at 94, he is still in the pink of health!

Ursula Andress – 83

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Ursula Andress is a Swiss-born actress and is known to be one of the most iconic Bond girls ever. She appeared as the one and only Honey Ryder in the very first James Bond Film, Dr No. Her stunning features helped land her the role which had fans gawking worldwide. Her looks also enabled her to become a very successful model alongside her acting career. After starring as Honey, she went on to land roles in movies such as 4 For Texas, featuring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and Fun in Acapulco, featuring Elvis Presley. In her personal life, Ursula married and divorced once and now remains a single woman at 82. Now she can sit back and enjoy her $25 million net worth.

Lois Chiles – 73

If you are a fan of the popular Bond series, we are pretty sure that we do not need to ontroduce this gorgeous actress! Lois Chiles proved that she is not only gorgeous but a good actress while protraying Bond Girl ‘Dr. Holly Goodhead’ in Moonraker (1979). She later appeared in many other  movies including Death On The Nile, The Way We Were and The Great Gatsby. Lois later slowly disappeared from the movie industry and married Richard Gilder in 2005 & now lives a happy life with him.


Anne Buydens – 101

Anne Buydens is a German Philanthropist, producer and she also appeared from time to time in movies in Hollywood. Anne may not be a prominent figure however she is regarded as an influential humanitarian and the wife of famous former actor Kirk Douglas. Kirk married Anne in 1954 and the couple had two sons together. The couple was always seen together and enjoyed spending time together before the sudden demise of Kirk Douglas. The former star is retired and lives with her family.


Marge Champion – 99

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Marge Champion has been part of the entertainment industry since her adolescence. At 12, she was already a ballet instructor! Eventually she signed a contract with Walt Disney, and her dancing prowess was animated in film such as ‘Fantasia’ and ‘Pinocchio’. Her talent in dancing landed her multiple roles alongside stars of the era. She eventually decided that the highlife of the film industry wasn’t her thing, leading to her retiring and pursuing her passion for dancing thoroughly. Her last appearance as an actress was in 1982’s Fame, in which she acted as a ballet teacher with a racial bias.


Carol Burnett – 86

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The Carol Burnett Show was the first show of its kind to be hosted by a woman, actress, and comedian Carol Burnett. The variety show originally ran from 1967 until 1978 and made Carol famous. Carol began her career in 1955 and she is still active. Besides her groundbreaking TV show, she is also known for appearing in films such as The Four Seasons, Annie, and Noises Off. She has also narrated a number of books and has even earned Grammy nominations for her work. Most recently, she appeared in the comedy television series Angie Tribeca as President Priscilla Filcox.

Clu Gulager – 90

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Acting was always in Clu Gulager’s DNA, as his father was also in the industry. Gulager’s best years were in the ’60s when he played Billy the Kid in ‘The Tall Man’. His film credits are also impressive, appearing in amongst the decade’s most iconic films such as ‘The Last Picture Show’. Gulager tried his hand at directing to great success, as his film ‘A Day with The Boys’ granted him a Palme d’Or nomination in 1969. He also won the Bronze Wrangler Award for Best Fictional Television Drama for The Virginian.

Paul Hogan – 80

Paul Hogan reminds us all about the incredible childhood we had growing up. Although he did not make many movies, His movie Crocodile Dundee was enough to print a lasting image of the actor in our minds. The Crocodile Dundee series landed him an Oscar Nomination and a Golden Golbe win! Poor choices inrejecting many scripts led to an early retirement. Paul Hogan now lives in LA and is now a Real -Estate investor.

Gary Player – 83

His days as a competitive professional golfer might already be over, but Gary Player has never actually stopped being involved with the golfing world. You should know that this athlete was dubbed as one of the greatest golfers to ever live. To support this claim, he has professional wins in at least 163 tournaments all across six continents. Gary, who was born and raised in South Africa, has managed to earn a total fortune of $250M. He is now 83 years old and devotes most of his time to The Player Foundation. This organization raises money for underprivileged children mainly through hosting various golfing events.


Timothy Dalton – 73

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Any true James Bond fan can instantly recognize the young version of Timothy Dalton from the late ’80s James Bond movies The Living Daylights and License to Kill. Even though his days as the fictional secret agent are behind him, that doesn’t mean that Timothy has stopped acting. As a matter of fact, he just started acting again following a three-year break after portraying Sir Malcolm Murray in the show Penny Dreadful. Just in 2019, Timothy appeared in the series Doom Patrol and also voiced Mr. Picklepants in Toy Story 4.


Meg Ryan – 57

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Although most people wouldn’t admit it, we’ve all indulged ourselves in the occasional guilty pleasure in the form of rom coms. There is nothing better than a cozy blanket, ice cream, and Meg Ryan movies in the 90’s. At one point, she was even coined the ‘Queen of Rom Coms’, citing films such as ‘When Harry Met Sally’, ‘You’ve Got Mail’, and ‘Addicted to Love’ as benchmarks. As art imitates life, Ryan’s love life was as turbulent as her movies. There were rumours about her having an affair with Russell Crowe, which she subsequently admitted to. However, in a strange turn, Ryan stated that the affair was liberating to her, as her husband Dennis Quad also cheated on her.


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