Leadership Skills Essential For People in High Positions


Have you come across an individual within your workplace who is receiving consistent rises, bonuses and other perks, which are not available to the rest? Do you get the feeling that life is perhaps unfair as you are not a recipient of similar benefits? Is it likely that the individual could be displaying specific leadership skills which you may not have in possession? It is quite possible that the management within your workplace has recognized certain traits within the person concerned. As such, the management could be investing in his or her leadership skills, which are essential for people slated to hold responsible positions. Let us consider the skills which the management would have noticed. 

 A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”John C. Maxwell

The Willingness To Succeed 
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People who display effective leadership skills are not the type of individuals to stay away from day-to-day activities. They understand that their team has a significant role to play in the process of decision-making. They often make efforts to encourage communication within the team to ensure that team members are comfortable and are willing to share ideas, feedback, and their goals. Their words may not always be liked, but it will definitely understand the team members’ contribution.  

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren Bennis

They embrace feedback and positive criticism

Efficient leaders usually learn to obtain feedback, which is tough. They’re aware that not everyone will like them or be in agreement with their decisions. They are open to reflect on the feedback received and to make adjustments whenever necessary. A good leader also has some drawbacks and, most importantly, does not have answers for everything. Good leaders encourage their team members to give them better knowledge of the things they should or shouldn’t be doing. They also understand many questions. Although they do not always have immediate answers, they always find a solution and communicate it to their team members.

Apart from these skills, effective leaders are usually ready to indulge in certain actions, which set them apart from the rest. Primary among these are:

  • They are do not overlook mistakes and will take corrective measures immediately.   
  • Their team along with its members are a priority for them.   
  • They do not hesitate to reward success, just as they are tough when disciplining failure.   

People who are holding responsible positions are often assertive while looking forward to collaborating on ideas and striving hard to influence people around them to develop ideas into action. They are ready to lead, guide and persuade the people around them to achieve the desired results. They believe their best option to meet their objectives lies in building trust and treating every person individually and having the lines of communication open at all times. Individuals who display some or most of these skills have a better opportunity to be recognized as people with leadership competencies. Therefore, they are qualified to hold responsible positions.

It can be confirmed to a degree of certainty that not everyone has these skills.