20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cars


It has become a tradition for automobile manufacturers to critique automobiles made within a 20-year period. During this time, automobile manufacturers convene and decide which of the cars ever made were the most beautiful. It has often proven to be a very difficult decision trying to figure out the most beautiful car as the world is littered with thousands and thousands of them.

Since the last time automakers convened to decide the most beautiful cars in the world, several hundred more have been produced.

With the recent designs, it is easy for any car to make the list of the top 100 most beautiful cars. However, it is considered a rare feat to make the list of the top 20. That car must really have an aesthetic design that’s rare and pleasing to the eyes. We have gathered a list of the top 20 most beautiful cars ever, see them below.

1956 BMW 507

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Image Credit: Yandex.by

This wonder beast on four tires is one of the machines that the BMW engineers look back on and feel pride soar in their hearts. The 507 is a fusion of Italian elegant looks with the German BMW’s ‘kidney grille’ shape. Although it’s considered a privilege to make this list, this ‘road monster’ walks in with style and elegance.