6 Tips to Relaunch Your Career after a Really Long Gap

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Breathing new life into your career after a long recess is a difficult task to do. If the onus is on you to look after your newborns, getting back on the career track becomes even more challenging. You might have lost your job during those dark days of the recession, and nobody seems interested in re-employing you after the many years. What will you do then? Here are a few short tips on how to relaunch your career.

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 Set clear goals

Many jobless individuals become rather clueless about where to start and, more importantly, where to go. If you used to work as a radiologist before the financial meltdown snatched your job from you, it’s time you go back to the blackboard and ask yourself what you are really capable of. Where do you see yourself in about ten years from now? Do you still want to work as a radiologist? These are some of the questions that really matter during a job search.

 Update yourself

If there is a really long gap in your career, know that the planet has revolved around the Sun a couple of times and things have changed. Therefore, what you should do is:

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  • Update your knowledge and skills.
  • Make a few changes in your resume.
  • Invest time and money in some job-oriented training.
  • Hone your core competencies once again.

Learn how to search jobs creatively

Standard job search strategies might not work if your resume shows that you have been jobless for a considerably extended period of time. In fact, in such a case, headhunters would most probably drop your resume in the waste bin. Look for job opportunities in your community. Big corporations offer “returnship” programs, which are excellent get-back-to-work opportunities for people who have lost their jobs long ago.

Networking is the key

Networking with your old mates and outside that would be very beneficial. You can attend job-related seminars and workshops near you or simply go online to find out what webinars are going to be held pretty soon. Attend these webinars from the comfort of your home to gather valuable tips and also contacts of HR managers.

Seek support from your family

Your family must stand with you when you are having a tough time keeping the home fires burning. If you are a stay-at-home dad trying to switch roles with your spouse or just the other way around, you both need to be supportive of each other. Seek moral, emotional, and financial support from your partner and reach an agreement on how you will “re-balance”. Also, find support from your parents and kids.

 You may need to compromise

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One of the key challenges faced by job seekers who have been out of business for quite some time is that they cannot accept job offers that they think are “low-paying.” This is indeed a psychological challenge, and you have to overcome it on your own. Understand that HR managers would first see the interests of their employers and they cannot just put you on the list. Gather some experience in the industry and apply for higher positions again. Good luck!

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