Top 10 Degrees For Getting Hired In 2022

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According to a recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers are most attracted to hiring graduates holding these bachelors degrees in this year.

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Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 38.9%

10. Economics

It’s true that there’s not many options out there for those with just a bachelor’s in economics. Most of the highest paying research and analysis positions require a minimum of a master’s degree. However, there is one job economics majors can fit well into, and that is compensation and benefits manager. Major companies, unions, and government agencies often manage retirement benefits accounts for their employees. A solid grounding in economics is enormously beneficial to the professionals managing those benefits.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 39.6%

9. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers use physics, electronics and electromagnetism to design devices that are powered by or produce electricity. Electrical engineers work on anything from small pocket devices to large aircraft electrical systems. Engineers test prototypes and evaluate and improve systems. Nearly every industry has a place for an electrical engineer, including government, transportation, communications, technology and utilities.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 43.8%

8. Logistics/Supply Chain

Workers in the logistics and supply chain management field make sure that goods and services get into the hands of consumers. The logistics industry is an important driver of economic growth and development. All types of businesses, big and small, need logistics managers to help with inventory and accounts receivable. A small business may have one person in charge of these duties, while large corporations have entire logistics and supply chain departments.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 46.5%

7. Information Sciences & Systems

Information Sciences & Systems is a quickly growing field. Many companies in a variety of industries are working to improve their computer networks or incorporate new technology into their businesses, creating a high demand for graduates with knowledge of computers, software, and programs. After graduation, you should have no problem finding a job in all different industries.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 46.5%

6. Management Information Systems

Management information systems learn to use computer technology, management and problem-solving strategies to help make or improve managerial decisions. Computer systems and the information therein are now as much a part of business as sunshine is to summer. The field of information management is wide open and growing for individuals who hold at least an applicable bachelor's degree.

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Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 48.6%

5. Mechanical Engineering

The most of graduates in this discipline have spent their college career questioning how things work and developing ideas and solutions to make processes and things more efficient. They are prepared to work on diverse problems that require the integration of design, mathematical and analytical skills.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 50.7%

4. Computer Science

Computer science is a broad and burgeoning field that sees some of the best job growth rates across the industry. Some of the best jobs available to people with a bachelor’s in computer science are Information Systems Manager, Software Applications Developer, Computer Network Architect, systems software developer, and computer forensic analyst.

Approximately 27% of employers named computer and information sciences as a sought after major, according to CareerBuilder.Computer science majors specifically will learn how to develop, install and troubleshoot computer systems.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire:  59.7%

3. Business Administration/Mgmt.

Turns out you don't need need to win The Apprentice to forge a career in the City - for 88.3 percent of graduates in 2014-15, a business degree did just as well.

This is even more impressive when you consider that this marks an improvement from 85 percent in 2013.

Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire:  59.7%

2. Accounting

Career tracks opened by an accounting degree may be more diverse than you might think. People with these kinds of degrees are not always tax examiners, which is good, since according to the BLS, the number of tax examiners needed by 2022 is on the decline. Accountants and auditors are needed in all areas, from public and non-profit organizations to private industries, big, small, and all sizes in between. Any industry from retail, to education, to manufacturing, needs accountants and auditors.

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Percent Of NACE Employer Members Willing To Hire: 60.4%

1. Finance

The finance field offers some of the highest paying jobs in the world right now. Even a bachelor’s degree opens up jobs like financial manager and financial analyst. A combination of more education and/or experience can lead to growth into even more lucrative areas of the field. Finance professionals also benefit from a need for them across most aspects of industry in the world, giving them a high level of flexibility throughout their career.

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