Rewarding Career Options For Americans

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Americans who are educated remain concerned about finding career options of their choice according to the field of specialization they have acquired. They can definitely find meaningful and challenging jobs that will make them satisfied, especially when a six-figure salary begins to flow into their accounts. 

Educated professionals in America could have a feeling that they may have wasted their time and money by investing in the education within their chosen fields. This is mainly because professionals from distant lands are being invited into the country to work as specialists for wages that are lower than those provided to Americans. However, they can rest assured that the figures mentioned within this discussion have been authenticated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are some of the highest paying jobs in America: 

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 Business Operations Manager 

A business operations manager is responsible for managing details that are vital for the continued operation of the business. The individual is also required to scout for new talent, negotiate contracts and decide on the strategy while building and leading effective teams. The mean annual salary as a business operations manager is presently at $117, 200.

 Sales Manager 

If you believe that a sales manager is just required to get products from a company to a consumer, you better begin rethinking again. Individuals who are selected for this position must establish relationships with clients and territories to which they are assigned, guide sales teams, develop programs for training (especially for new employees), establish short and long-term goals and outline strategies for the team. Candidates for this position are typically required to hold a Bachelors or Masters degree in business administration and also display some expertise in marketing. Sales managers who have the desired qualifications can expect annual remuneration in the region of $126,040.


Students who decide to invest in the business of law find different career paths. They may opt to work for a private firm or in a public position, which can provide them with an opportunity to work as a district attorney.They must also be prepared to spend long hours in the office and be committed to their profession. The amount of salary that lawyers draw depends on their area of specialization. However, this is in the region of $133,470.


Throughout the world, people do not pay proper attention to their mouths. As such, they often seek the help of dentists to maintain their mouth in the desired condition. Dentists can diagnose problems such as gingivitis and other oral diseases, extract teeth whenever needed and provide advice about conditions that may require specialized attention. Dentists get salaries in the region of $168,810. The figure is projected to grow by 18% until 2024.


A psychiatrist is often referred to when there is a need to attend to a patient’s mental health. Psychiatrists have the ability to understand and treat complex conditions schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. A psychiatrist utilizes a combination of methods when dealing with any mental disorders and provides prescriptions as required. A psychiatrist holds a specialized position. Therefore, it is common to notice them drawing salaries in the excess of $180,000.


A surgeon is often required to undertake procedures that require them to rectify injuries, diseases or malformations within the body. Surgeons receive rigorous training.  They must also invest the time needed to qualify within the profession, which generally takes about nine years to complete before they can begin reaping the benefits from their labor. Surgeons can expect to earn in excess of $240,000 annually, and the projected growth for this profession is presently listed as 20% until 2024. 

America is often deemed as the “land of opportunity.” Individuals who are willing to make an effort will definitely come across options that will prove beneficial for their requirements. If they are fortunate, they could even be the recipients of six-figure salaries.

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