7 Weirdest Things Men Find Attractive In Women

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Men like some of the “unusual” things women do, knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe this list will surprise you and change your attitude towards men because it was compiled from a number of studies.


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Women who wear glasses tend to be very attractive to men. Now that this is officially proven, you can safely get rid of your contact lenses. Those who wear glasses are really lucky, right?


You don’t have to come from another country to please a man. Maybe you just have a special accent due to your region of birth. Do not be ashamed of it; on the contrary, take advantage of this. Your accent sounds exotic, men like it and attract them in a special way.

Towel on her head

One of the weirdest things men love is when a girl, after washing her hair, wraps it in a towel. They love both loose hair and the pleasant smell from it, and this strange towel on their head. Maybe it’s time to launch a new trend?

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How do you apply makeup?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your boyfriend or husband was watching you put on your makeup? Quite possibly he really liked it. So feel free to do it and let your man admire you.

When you play sports

Many men like to watch women while exercising. The concentrated look and sweat on the skin like a magnet attract members of the opposite sex! Like it or not, men still find it very sexy. Let him watch you train, or better yet, train together.

Camouflage patterns

Military-style clothing is also very attractive to men. Most of them believe that a woman in a “military uniform” is sexy, and her appearance reminds them of wildlife, hunting, and exotic islands. A dress with such a pattern, high-heeled shoes, and fishnet stockings are just an explosive mixture!

When you wear his shirt

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Light casualness and relaxation also attract men, especially if you wear his shirt. Try this trick and see how he reacts to it. It’s not for nothing that fashion designers have repeatedly presented women in men’s shirts on the catwalk. Admit it, it looks especially modern.

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